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Check your pockets

Have you checked your pockets recently?

I was out for a walk this afternoon with my two little ones and they were delighted with themselves as they explored the bushes and climbed the hills. We had to stop so many times so that they could pick up and admire stones.

Not only did they admire ALL the stones, they then selected the ones that were special enough to go in their pockets.

After about 15 minutes of this, I noticed a rapid decrease in their enthusiasm for all the fun things around them. I also (funnily enough) noticed an increase in complaining about how heavy their jackets were becoming and that they didn’t like it (cue them asking me to carry all their stones).

At this point, I (thanked my kids for the lesson (profound, I know eh?) How often do you start your day by picking up a not so good memory from the past and rehashing it over and over in your mind until you get that familiar feeling of discomfort or guilt?

Then, because one event isn’t enough to carry around with you all day, you might pick up another one from a different occasion.

Before you know it you are laden down with perceptions of events that took place in the past and you have very little energy left to notice the wonderful things going on around you.

It’s exhausting and draining.

What are you CHOOSING to pick up that negatively impacts your day?

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