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REDISCOVER and REDEFINE you in your motherhood

WITHOUT feeling guilty about making time for yourself. 

Hey Mama, how are you? It’s great to finally meet you.

I know you’re here for a reason. Perhaps you’re not quite able to put into words yet what that reason actually is and if that’s the case, don’t worry, that’s where I come in.

I’m going to help you get clear on that and start creating the transformation that you are craving.

Having worked with so many mothers over the past few years, I am CERTAIN that you and I have a lot in common. I wrote this course as a result of my own struggles with who I was becoming and how out of alignment I felt as my children began to grow up.

Becoming a mother births a very narrow, crystal clear sense of purpose. Looking after the needs of our children becomes our main focus as we learn how to get through the days with a newborn baby. We think, talk and dream about our babies, their needs, their wants, and our wishes for them and their future. It is ALL-consuming.

This may be the first time in your life that you’ve ever experienced this type of purpose, this type of sharply focused mission. It leaves no room for anything else for a while and the intensity of it can be a shock to the system. 

Never before have you been pulled so tightly between pain and pleasure, hope and despair, highs and lows. There is no room to squeeze anything else into your life because you are being pulled to maximum tension with the different driving forces in your life.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel overwhelmed by all the daily tasks and jobs that need to be done. 

You don’t feel confident in your life anymore and feel like you’re merely getting by. 

You fear that others will think you’re not coping so you say nothing. 

No one really talks about this! 

What Happens To You As Your Child Grows Up?

As your baby gets older and you become more confident and settle into this role of a lifetime, some slack starts to appear in your life as the tension begins to decrease now that he intensity of your child’s needs begins to let up.

You can start to find room in your life for other things, other interests again.

This is another HUGE shift in identity and when this happens, it’s normal to feel lost, to feel like you don’t quite know who you are any more, that something is missing. This is exactly what happened to me, I get it. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • The things that you used to like doing no longer appeal to you and you don’t know what it is you want anymore.
  • You have so much going on, so many competing priorities, that trying to rediscover something that brings you joy, something that is just for you, can seem like just another thing to add to your ‘to do’ list.
  • That feeling you have when you’re out of alignment is draining.
  • You deliberately ignore the signs in your life that are telling you something needs to change and you’re making choices which you know deep down are not the best for you in the long run.

I want to help you experience the same breakthroughs as the BRAVE mothers who have walked before you.


“I felt like I was having an identity crisis! I had such low self-esteem and felt very vulnerable. I felt like I didn’t know myself at all anymore”.



“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have become so much more aware of my self, my feelings, my reactions, my responses and my role as mother”.


“I was sad as there was so much I didn’t know about myself, I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like I had no goals, no ambition and was *just* an ok mother. I realised I didn’t really know who I was at all and I was tired of feeling like something was missing”.

“I feel very grateful for the life I have and the choices I have made to this point. BRAVE opened my eyes to a different perspective. Small tweaks to my thinking have allowed me to realise that I am in control of my life and responsible for my happiness. I am more comfortable in my own skin”.


“I felt lost, I felt unhappy, I felt there were lots of things I could or should be doing that would make me happier but I couldn’t seem to motivate myself or find the time to do it or to focus on me, I was eaten alive with “mammy guilt” for not being a good enough mother”

“I feel content, I feel realistic, I know I am happy, I am learning my triggers and what i can do to nip some of them in bud before it gets to breaking point. I am learning to forgive myself for not being my fantasy of a perfect mother”



12-Week Online Group Coaching Programme

BRAVE was designed to cut through your stories and get straight to the heart of who you are. It was built BY a mother FOR mothers who are on the cusp of change, it shines a light into the areas of your life you’ve been avoiding so that you can safely and confidently begin to love and accept who you are now. 

"I didn’t anticipate the level of support, understanding and friendship from our group. Having a circle of women all rooting for each other, holding space for each other every week is immensely powerful"

I thought BRAVE would fix me. I thought it would show me the things I’m doing wrong and how to be a good mom. I also thought that I’d be able to vent about things and point to them as the reason for my overwhelm/ lack of support/ guilt.
In reality, BRAVE has made me question my perception of everything. I have felt heard, seen and equally challenged in my stories/ narratives.
I’ve really learnt to accept myself as I am now, no blame or guilt just acceptance. It has given me the tools to make real changes where I feel out of sync with my values but equally has allowed me to see that sometimes it’s ok to be out of sync because of the phase/ chapter I am in.
I didn’t expect BRAVE to change my relationship with my husband so deeply, again there was no blaming him, I was challenged to look at my role and I have learnt to be clearer about my needs.
Lastly but far from least, I didn’t anticipate the level of support, understanding and friendship from our group. Having a circle of women all rooting for each other, holding space for each other every week is immensely powerful.
In summary BRAVE has empowered me to accept myself and understand what changes I want to make to align with my values.

– Jenny Mc

what's included

The core course workbooks are delivered to your email weekly.  There is a different theme for each week and you’ll have relevant content that I’ve created, thought provoking questions and journal prompts to get you thinking and exploring each of the themes. 





So let’s talk about how we get you from where you are to where you want to be. There’s quite a few things that we work through in order for that to happen. You’ll find some information below on each of the themes that we cover over the course of the 12 weeks. The themes are not necessarily delivered in this order


We’ll be exploring what values actually are, what YOUR unique values are and why they’re so important.

Shitty Self Talk

Have you ever actually taken the time to think about what you believe to be true about
yourself at this exact moment in time?


We’ll explore who is actually responsible for your happiness and what happens to the dynamics in your relationships when you expect other people to sort your shit out for you.

Story Telling

We’ll identify and own the stories that you run in order to justify/defend why things are the way they are in your life. 

Recharging Relationships

With the knowledge you’ll have gained about values, you’ll be looking at your closest relationships differently. 

The Good Mother

We’ll explore the fantasy side of motherhood and challenge the illusions you have around the type of mother you ‘should’ be.

Your 'One Thing'

When was the last time you REALLY thought about something you wanted to achieve or accomplish in the future? When was the last time you actually broke your dream down into something that seemed manageable?

I would like to be very clear here, BRAVE isn’t for everyone. Even the women who have taken part tell me this in their feedback and this brings me joy to know they feel it too. BRAVE requires you to challenge yourself. It requires you to open up to the power of your beautiful vulnerability and sit with your discomfort rather than rush past it. 

In my experience, some people believe they want change but in actual fact they are looking for someone to give them an answer, to tell them what they should do or even just to listen to them talking about why things are the way they are. That’s not what I offer. 

In order for me to help you get the results I KNOW are possible, I need you to go all-in with me.

BRAVE is an experience, it requires stepping into the unknown and being open to vulnerability even when you might not want to be, showing up wholeheartedly, and trusting yourself enough to know that your truth is safe with me.

BRAVE is designed to uncover and clear out what’s not serving you. It serves as an invitation for you to experience the freedom that comes with taking full responsibility for your life and has been built so that you get to rediscover and rejoice in who you are now.

“Doing the BRAVE programme, challenging and learning about myself has to have been one of the toughest and also the most rewarding and beneficial things I have done for myself. Understanding and getting to know yourself is liberating and contagious in a way that you want to keep digging into yourself and questioning why I did a certain thing and thought certain ways. BRAVE has helped me shift a lot of blockages in my life and thoughts and also to appreciate that I am the only one that can make me happy”

I’ll be there beside you to guide, support, and challenge you every step of the way. I am both guide and mentor. 

How BRAVE works

The next round of BRAVE will begin on Wednesday, 02nd of February and will run for 12 weeks.

We meet online every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm. You will come to see that the space we co-create online becomes a beautiful sanctuary, one that you will look forward to entering every week.

During our calls, we explore and discuss any and all questions, reflections, or A-HA moments that came up for you whilst doing the work. New content is emailed out the morning after our call and that allows 1 week to go through the material in preparation for our call on Wednesday night.

We also have a private Facebook group where you can connect with and support the other mums taking part. I’ll be in and out of the Facebook group on a daily basis, offering coaching and guidance as we go along. The Facebook group is a place that offers you the opportunity to really tease out your thoughts and it has proven to be a wonderful place to go and dive deeper into what has come up during the call. 

Based on feedback from previous rounds, there are some ‘Reflection and Integration’ weeks built into the program. This basically means that there is no new content delivered these weeks in order to make sure everyone is up to speed and feels confident about what they’ve been learning (we still meet online for coaching during these weeks).

Each call runs for approx 1.5 -2 hours and there is no hiding. We all show up and commit to our own transformations whilst having the privilege of seeing others do the same. The magic of a group of women coming together with a shared purpose cannot be underestimated, it truly is a beautiful and powerful thing.


The EARLY BIRD investment for BRAVE is €700 (it will go up to €800 in January). This can be paid in full or spread out over a payment plan.  

For the first time ever, I am offering a seat on the basis of a sliding scholarship. This means that there is an option to pay what you can. I am inviting those who feel drawn to this work but do not have the financial means to take part to email me to find out more about how the application for this works. This isn’t a ‘free’ seat as I have found that people do not really attach value to things that are free and to take part in a programme like this is to commit to showing up in all your magnificent glory. BRAVE is built upon the energy of the women who take part, each of us brings all of who we are to the group and I hold the container we create as sacred. 

As this is a deeply intimate programme, I like to keep the group size small. Spaces are limited and I would encourage you to reach out sooner rather than later if you are feeling called to do this work with me. 

If you are excited about what you’ve just read and you have a thought or feeling that BRAVE might be for you, click on the button below. This will take you to my contact page where you can leave your details (mention BRAVE in the message). Keep an eye out for an email from me and we can arrange a time to talk. 

With love,


Want to see more of what other mums have said about BRAVE?

"I feel amazing! Rejuvenated and refreshed. I feel so true to myself again. I have grown so much and got so much clarity on things. I'm so much more confident in my choices, my decisions and my motherhood journey"

“BRAVE definitely has had a ripple effect on all aspects of my life. My own image, my confidence in myself, my self-esteem, my responses and reactions, and interactions with my children.

I feel amazing! Rejuvenated and refreshed. I feel so true to myself again. I have grown so much and got so much clarity on things. I’m so much more confident in my choices, my decisions and my motherhood journey.

I am more tolerant and patient and understanding. I am less frustrated and angry. I have had big discussions and life-changing talks with my husband and dug deep with him and fixed/are fixing problems in our marriage. I have finally said enough is enough and started to live rather than just exist. I have wanted things to change for so long and I have finally found the voice to do it. 

Go for it! You will not regret the time and energy you put into BRAVE. It is life-changing! You shed so much skin and really will blossom into a butterfly. You need to want something enough in order to make a change”.

– Jenn

Mum of three

"I have overcome my fear over trying for a second baby, I have changed jobs and bought a new house, it's cheesy, but I do feel BRAVE has really helped me to embrace my own bravery".

“BRAVE has given me clarity. It has taught me to stop a lot of the excuses, to see why I was/wasn’t doing certain things, to see what was actually of value and benefit to me and to bin off others!

I have overcome my fear over trying for a second baby, I have changed jobs and bought a new house, it’s cheesy, but I do feel BRAVE has really helped me to embrace my own bravery! I think before I was so scared of change and doing things because I really didn’t know what I wanted or what would make me happy, and now I’m so much clearer on all of that. 

Since BRAVE, I am not afraid to be honest, I don’t sugar coat how I’m feeling now, I can admit to what I need and when I need a break for example.

I am more realistic and MOSTLY I have stopped fantasising about being this impossible “perfect mother” and I am embracing my imperfections. One evening I had nothing sorted for my daughter’s tea, so she had a bowl of cheerios on the couch (it was one of those days!) and I was all ready to beat myself up about it, but instead, I noticed how happy she was to have “breakfast for tea!!!” and I embraced this excitement as a little “treat” for her and that I genuinely made her happy.

I am saying no – no to things that aren’t important to me and my family, no to additional stress. I’m saying yes to what I know will make me happy and life easier, freeing up time for what I actually enjoy, so Yes to a new job, Yes to getting a cleaner!

To those who are reading this,  trust Jacqueline and trust the process. Give it the time and focus and you will get from it what you put into it, the fear is normal but it will be gone from Week 1, its new for everyone doing it so you won’t be in it alone”.

– Caroline

Mum of one

"BRAVE has been, without question,  the best investment I have made. It transformed my life for the better"

“I happened upon the BRAVE programme a few weeks before my youngest child was about to start school. I was feeling apprehensive about the shift that was about to happen in my life and what impact it would have on my identity. In truth, I had actually been lost for quite a while under the guise of an apologetic “stay at home Mum”. BRAVE popped onto my radar and reading through the outline of the program I was almost saddened as there was so much I didn’t know about myself. I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like I had no goals, no ambition, was *just* an ok mother. I realised I didn’t really know who I was at all. I was tired of feeling like something was missing in my life and I knew something needed to change.

Since taking part, I feel very grateful for the life I have and the choices I have made to this point. BRAVE opened my eyes to a different perspective. Small tweaks to my thinking have allowed me to realise that I am in control of my life and responsible for my happiness. I am more comfortable in my own skin and have a yearning to invest in myself more.

Some of my biggest a-ha moments came unexpectedly when listening to someone else speak on a topic that might not even have been relevant to me. Their experience or thoughts resonated with me and triggered some realisation about my own circumstances. The weeks where I was challenged most by the homework were particularly valuable, learning to sit with discomfort and journal my inner thoughts was both cleansing and confronting. These were the weeks where I felt I grew the most.

Jacqueline has a clear delivery of the course content and concepts, her ability to lean in and encourage women to go a little deeper and really figure things out is remarkable. It was often uncomfortable but it created a whole-hearted atmosphere where there was no room to hide from inner truths. When I initially read through the BRAVE material and you referenced how you would meet me every step of the way I was confused as to what this actually meant. I understand this fully now and appreciate the personal time and effort and space that was held for me during the process.

BRAVE has been, without question,  the best investment I have made. It transformed my life for the better. Jaq is amazing, she offers an incredible amount of support every step of the way.  The small group coaching model was surprisingly beneficial, it was a supportive, safe space where I found myself showing up as the real me”.


Mum of two


Oh Hi, Mama

You’re not alone in how you feel.

But you alone ARE responsible for doing something about it. The decision to change your current situation, to face how you’re feeling, must come from you. That doesn’t mean I think the decision is easy, of course it’s not. It takes great courage to step out of the shadows and begin reclaiming the parts of yourself you have hidden. 

We could talk all day on the subject of mothers feeling lost and overwhelmed but unless we take action, we’ll be having the same conversation tomorrow and I refuse to do that because I have seen what is possible when a mother decides to take responsibility for her happiness and her life. Women who have walked BRAVE with me have learnt the power and beauty of saying no; they rediscovered joy because they began to prioritise themselves again; intimacy was reignited in their relationship again because we dealt with the simmering resentment. All of this and more is possible for you too. Below you’ll read some words from one of the BRAVE women who has taken part: 

“By far the biggest impact of taking part in BRAVE was understanding the power that was in the stories I was telling myself. Challenging these beliefs and pulling apart these safe, ‘old’ stories had an immediate impact on how I saw myself and my life. I realised my patterns of self-sabotage. Communication in my relationship improved overnight. I started asking for what I needed and I stopped trying to please everyone”

That feeling you have inside of you, the knowing that something isn’t quite right, is trying to wake you up, it’s trying to get your attention. Think of it as your soul nudging you in the hope that you will finally listen.

Rather than avoid or try to bury your feelings (again), perhaps it’s time to invite them into your life so that you can do something about them from a place of love rather than judgment. Pretending you are fine is exhausting, no wonder you are tired, mama. 

I know first-hand what needs to be done so that you can face and explore these thoughts and feelings you’re having. I’ve been where you are, so has every mother who has ever taken part in BRAVE.

Is BRAVE for You?

You want to enjoy your life without being eaten alive by ‘mum guilt’

You want to confidently establish and maintain healthy boundaries in different areas of your life

You are craving the company of other BRAVE women who are also committing to their own transformations. 


Here's why you need to join the BRAVE community

You will not find another programme like BRAVE.

BRAVE started off as a programme for mums who felt lost but it has grown into so much more. It is a process, a system, a place, a sanctuary. It is where mothers go when they are called to go deeper in order to rediscover who they are now. It is a place of challenge and support, of powerful breakthroughs and gentle transformations. 

My role in BRAVE is that of a coach, a facilitator and a guardian of the group’s integrity. I am a guide and mentor, a sister and mother. 

We dive deep in BRAVE because that is where we find the gold, that is where we go to face ourselves. 

This community of BRAVE-hearted mothers is only getting started, come and join us. 

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