The BRAVE Programme

BRAVE is an intimate, 12-week, online coaching program designed for mothers just like you

If you’re at a stage of your life where you feel like you’re disappearing behind the mask of motherhood and you no longer know who you are anymore, then this is for you.

BRAVE is for mothers who have (finally) acknowledged that they are worthy of MORE – more support, more clarity, more confidence, more fun, more time, more love and communication in their relationship. MORE.

I’m tired of seeing so many mothers squeeze themselves into a life that no longer fits them. The woman you were before becoming a mother is gone. This version of you who exists today needs time and space to figure who she is, what she likes and what kind of future she wants to create for herself.

I created BRAVE because my life had changed in so many weird and wonderful and unexpected ways when my first child was born. When I became a mother, I felt as if my whole IDENTITY was fading away and I didn’t know what to do about it.

Does that sound familiar?

This is why BRAVE was born

I was looking around at my life and although I was SO grateful, I still felt there was something missing. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I was overwhelmed but I knew that it went deeper than that.

My relationship had changed, my confidence in making decisions had seemed to disappear, I was being eaten alive by guilt and I felt like my whole life was now being consumed by motherhood.

Prior to my son arriving, I had spent 33 years getting to know and love the version of me that existed, I knew her inside out. When I look back, I can see clearly what I couldn’t see at the time and that is the price I paid for entry into motherhood.

As time went by and my son turned from a baby into a toddler, the gnawing feeling of something being missing continued. The more confident I became about challenges I faced in my motherhood, the more conversations I started to have with other mums about their experiences.

I couldn’t find anything locally or online that would hold space for ME as a woman and a mother to explore and honour this version of myself that was emerging. No one seemed to be really talking about the impact motherhood had on their expectations of themselves, their relationships, their hopes and dreams for the their future.

There was a huge gap between the expectation of motherhood and the reality of it and I found myself caught in this gap, feeling guilty because being a mum wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

I knew that I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling but in order to speak openly about what was going on in my life, I had to tackle my own feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, resentment, grief and loneliness. I had to delve into the shadows of my life and explore them, get curious about what and why I was holding back parts of myself.

I experienced such life-changing results that I knew I wanted to help other mothers experience the same. Being able to talk about your version of motherhood without feeling like a ‘bad mum’ is incredibly powerful. There is freedom in acknowledging to yourself (and the world) that you want more, that you are entitled to more.

I’ve spent the last few years refining and adding to this program so that I can continue to support as many mums as possible as they rediscover what it is they want AND how to get it.

BRAVE is life-changing. 

I can promise that you’re not alone in how you feel. But you alone ARE responsible for doing something about it. The decision to change your current situation, to face how you’re feeling, must come from you.

We could talk all day on the subject of mothers feeling lost and overwhelmed but unless we take action, we’ll be having the same conversation tomorrow and I refuse to do that because I have seen what is possible when a mother decides to take responsibility for her life.

That feeling you have inside of you, the knowing that something isn’t quite right, is trying to wake you up. Think of it as your soul nudging you in the hope that you will finally listen.

Rather than avoid or try to bury your feelings (again), perhaps it’s time to invite them into your life so that you can do something about them from a place of love rather than judgement.

I know first-hand what needs to be done so that you can face and explore these thoughts and feelings you’re having. I’ve been where you are, so has every woman who has ever taken part in BRAVE.

So let’s talk about how we get you from where you are to where you want to be. There’s quite a few things that we work through in order for that to happen. 

Over the course of our 12 weeks together, we’ll delve deeply into the following themes:

– Values. What they are and why they’re so important.  We spend a lot of time judging other people based on what we think they SHOULD do without even realising it. We also spend a a lot of our own time living according to what other people think we SHOULD do and this leads to resentment. In BRAVE, I’ll help you identify your own unique values and how they influence every decision, opinion and relationship you have. 

– Mindset. We’ll dive into what mindset is and how it impacts the way you show up in your life. If you want things to be different, you have to BE and DO different. So many of us don’t even realise that we have the potential to change how we think and act, we get sucked into believing that things just are the way they are. I’ll teach you that this is not actually the case. You are more in control of your life than you think you are. 

– Self-Service. We’ll explore who is actually responsible for your happiness and what happens to the dynamics in your relationships when you expect other people to sort your shit out for you. It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that it’s up to your partner/friends/family to make you happy, to make things easier for you, to see things the same way you do. You will learn how to take responsibility for your life in such a way that will leave you feeling empowered and excited for the future. 

– The ‘Dark’ Mother. We’ll explore the fantasy side of motherhood and dissolve the illusions you have around the type of mother you ‘should’ be. Without even realising it, we’ve all been conditioned in our own unique ways as to what motherhood should be like, what we should be like as mother, what our wants and needs ‘should’ be when we become mums. Identifying and challenging these fantasies frees up your mind so you can see the beauty and perfection that exists in your life NOW. 

– Story Telling.  We’ll identify and own the stories that you run in order to justify/defend why things are the way they are in your life. You’ll decide if your stories are actually serving you or not. This is a big one. Who would you be without the stories you tell? Our stories can define us, if we let them. They can act as an anchor that keeps us chained to an identity that no longer serves us OR they can serve as the wind that propels us forward in life with wisdom and gratitude for what we learned from the experience. 

– Your ‘One Thing’. When was the last time you REALLY thought about something you wanted to achieve or accomplish in the future? When was the last time you actually broke your dream down into something that seemed manageable? During this week, you’ll identify the one thing you’d love to be, do or have in the future that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own. We’ll link it to your values in order to greatly increase your chances of success and we’ll be breaking it down into tangible action steps so that nothing will get in your way. 

– Recharging Relationships. With the knowledge you’ll have gained about values, you’ll be looking at your closest relationships differently. Everyone wants to be loved for who they are, not for who someone else thinks they should be. You’ll learn how to see the ways in which others demonstrates their love and support through their own set of unique values, it might not look the way you originally thought it would but that doesn’t mean it’s any less. 

I would like to be very clear here, BRAVE isn’t for everyone. 

In my experience, some people believe they want change but in actual fact they are looking for someone to give them an answer, to tell them what they should do or even just to listen to them talking about why things are the way they are. That’s not what I offer. 

In order for me to help you get the results I KNOW are possible, I need you to go all in with me. 

I offer an experience that requires stepping into the unknown and being open to vulnerability even when you might not want to be, showing up wholeheartedly and trusting yourself enough in order to get the results you want. 

BRAVE is designed to uncover and clear out what’s not serving you. It serves as an invitation for you to experience the freedom that comes with taking full responsibility for your life and has been built so that you get to rediscover who you are at this point in your motherhood journey. 

I’ll be there beside you to guide, support and challenge you. Every step of the way.

How BRAVE works

We meet online every Tuesday night at 8pm for 12 weeks. We go through, over and under any questions, reflections or A-HA moments that came up for you whilst doing the work. New content is emailed out every Wednesday morning and that allows 1 week to go through the material in preparation for our call on Tuesday night. 

Based on feedback from previous rounds, there are 2 ‘Reflection and Integration’ weeks built into the program. This basically means that there is no new content delivered these weeks in order to make sure everyone is up to date and feels confident about what they’ve been learning (we still meet online during these weeks)

We’ll also have a private Facebook group where you can connect with and support the other mums taking part. I’ll be in and out of the Facebook group on a daily basis, offering coaching and guidance as we go along. 

Each call on Tuesday nights will run for 1.5 hours and there will be no hiding. We all show up and commit to our own transformations whilst having the privilege of seeing others do the same. 

You’ll also have the opportunity for some one on one time with me. This will be a chance for us to really focus on something that you would like to work on. 

As this is a deeply intimate programme, I like to keep the group size small. For this round of BRAVE, there are a maximum of 5 spaces available. 

This round of BRAVE is now closed for application. Next round will launch later in the year. 

If you are excited about what you’ve just read and you have a thought or feeling that BRAVE might be for you, click on the button below and I can add you to the waitlist for the next round. This will take you to my contact page where you can leave your details (mention BRAVE in the message). Keep an eye out for an email from me. 

With love,