‘Introduction to Matrescence’ Workshop

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In this workshop, you’ll learn all about matrescence and how it impacts your life. As it is an introduction to the topic, I’ll be exploring four main areas that have been identified as being key to understanding what happens in the transition to motherhood. 

There is so much about motherhood that is not spoken about. When I first became a mother in 2013, I quickly realised that there was a massive difference between what I thought it would be like and what it was actually like. It wasn’t until I stumbled across the word ‘matrescence’ in 2018 that so much of what I was experiencing began to make sense. I invite you to join me for this ‘Introduction to Matrescence’ Workshop so that you too can begin to make sense of your own motherhood experience (and this applies to new mammies as well as mammies who have been mothering for quite some time).

I think of the word matrescence as an umbrella term as the word itself refers to such a vast range of experiences and realities. Dr Alexandra Sacks wrote an article for the New York Times titled ‘The Birth of A Mother’ and in this article, Dr. Sacks refers to four main areas that are useful to be aware of when exploring the challenges of matrescence. These four areas are the ones you see mentioned above; Changing Family Dynamics; Fantasy Vs Reality; Maternal Ambivalence and Guilt and Shame. I have felt each one of these deeply and yet it did not dawn on me that what I was experiencing was actually part of the transition from the woman I was to the mother I was becoming. Learning the word ‘matrescence’ was like flipping a light on, so much made sense! 

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