Exploring Matrescence: Changing Family Dynamics


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Workshop on the role that ‘changing family dynamics’ play in our matrescence. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, 31st of January at 7:30pm via Zoom. There will be a recoding available for all who purchase the workshop and this will be uploaded within 24 hours of the live call. I would encourage you to attend the live call if you can as there will be a discussion section at the end of the call that will not be recorded.

MOTHERHOOD IS HARD. You don’t need me to tell you that but I know it can feel comforting to have our own feelings and thoughts validated by others. There are so many aspects to becoming a mother that it can often feel like we lose sight of ourselves as we try to get through the first few weeks, months, and even years.

You change when you become a parent. Your relationships and your family change and rather than normalising conversations around the common challenges and struggles we have in our family dynamics, we’ve got caught up in staying silent about them in order to not be seen as the one who hasn’t got their shit together. Becoming parents has an incredible impact on a family dynamic and it’s time we talk about what a lot of us are experiencing.

This workshop aims to address some of the most common challenges in changing family dynamics that mothers experience since becoming parents. We will do this by examining:

VALUES: What they are and how our values change many times over the course of a lifetime and with that change comes a shift in identity. We’ll explore how and why this impacts family dynamics.

COMMUNICATION: Are you communicating your needs or are you staying silent and then seeing with resentment because no one can read your mind? Either way, we’ll be talking about common challenges that we all go through in this area and why.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Who does what and when in the house and family are BIG pain points for a lot of mothers. We’ll be discussing how this shows up and what you can do to change things in ways that feel realistic and manageable for you.

And for those who can attend the live call, there will be time at the end for discussion and reflections, I know this is the part that most people love as it gives us a chance to really integrate what we’ve been learning and to hear from other mothers (the group discussion part is not recorded).


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