Exploring Matrescence: Fantasy Vs Reality of Motherhood




LIVE WORKSHOP,  FRIDAY, 26th of May, 7:30 pm – 9/9:30 pm

I have a brand new workshop/masterclass/webinar/time we spend together(call it what you want) for you. 

I am going to share with you a topic that I have been immersed in for over 9 years. The topic is ‘Fantasy Versus Reality of Motherhood’ and I will not be holding back on this subject. 

After I had my first child, it didn’t take me (too) long to figure out that one of the reasons my reality of motherhood was not what I thought it would be, was because I was unconsciously comparing it to a version of motherhood that is not real. 

I was comparing what I had to a version of motherhood that I had internalized over the course of a lifetime that was built around being beautiful, always happy, having lots of new friends, having coffee dates, suddenly being able to bake, feeling fulfilled by my role as a mother etc…(thanks, patriarchal motherhood!)

This workshop is for you if you are a new mum, a mum-to-be, or a mum who has been a mum for 1-100 years. 

I am going to show you that the parts of your motherhood that you’re finding particularly painful or that you feel guilty about are probably where you are comparing yourself and your motherhood to the fantasy version (that is not real nor obtainable!!). 

I am going to explore how the fantasies we have lead to more and more feelings of guilt (fuck ‘mum guilt’!) which in turn keep us stuck chasing the pin-up version of motherhood and finding it difficult to enjoy what we actually have. 

The reality of our motherhoods very rarely compares to what we fantasized we’d be getting. The reality is very much filled with boredom, monotony, silent resentment, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, no amazing group of mum friends you thought you’d automatically get after going to your first baby group, painful sex, pelvic floor issues, feelings of not being good enough no matter what you do because what you have just never seems to be quite good enough. Other mums seem to have their shit together and you don’t. Feel free to add in your own reality bite here, these are just some of the most common ones I hear about from mums. 

Many mothers stay silent about how they’re really finding motherhood because they believe that their reality, which doesn’t match up to the fantasy, must mean they’re doing it wrong, that they’re failing whilst everyone else is doing great. And rather than risk being judged, they stay silent and become complicit in the fantasy narrative. 

Pictures and snapshots from online suggest that everyone seems to be ‘balancing’ and ‘juggling’ the demands of motherhood and life with no problem at all. 

In fact, the whole concept of ‘balance’ and ‘juggling’ are themselves part of the fantasy. Why are we running ourselves into the ground trying to learn to juggle and balance when really our time could be better spent elsewhere like actually figuring out what’s REALLY important to us. 

I am going to help you shatter the fantasies you have around motherhood so you can begin accepting and enjoying your reality of it. 

I am going to teach you about this topic in such a way that you have never heard before. 

The first part of the workshop will be me sharing what I have learned and teaching the content I am sharing. This will last approximately 1hr and this is what the replay will show. Once this part is over, I turn off the recording and those who are live on the call get to experience the magic that happens in a group. We’ll discuss what has come up for everyone during the session, I’ll facilitate the conversation and some hot-seat coaching may take place for those who’d like to experience it.

I would really encourage you to join the live call if at all possible.

Zoom link will be emailed closer to the date. 

Replay and summary points will be available within 24hrs to all who purchase the workshop.


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