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Are you ready to be Brave?

You are not alone in feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore. We spend SO much of our time and energy looking after the needs of those we love that we often lose sight of ourselves.

You always imagined you’d be that mum who just seems to have her shit together and it hurts when you realise you’re not.

All that preparation for having your baby somehow managed to gloss over the fact that life as you knew it would never be the same again. You will never be the same.

So instead of having a full social life, a tidy house and a fridge full of home-made food, you’re tired. Tired of always feeling ‘not good enough’, ‘not organised enough’, ‘not clever enough’. Not enough of anything.

You’re trying as hard as you can to keep your head above water but some days you’re barely getting by. 

You’ve been telling yourself that it’s easier to live with this heavy feeling of something missing from your life than to face your fears and confront your reality, to discover who you are now. 

Is any of this sounding familiar? You know I’m talking to you if:

  • You feel like the woman you once were is gone and you miss her.
  • You feel stuck and you’re not sure how to move forward.
  • You feel lost and overwhelmed in your motherhood. 
  • You feel lonely and disconnected from the people around you.
  • Your relationship isn’t quite what it was, communication is challenging and unclear. Maybe you’re angry and resent the fact that your partner’s life doesn’t seem to have changed as drastically as yours.
  • You’re hungry to rediscover what excites you, what you want out of life. A future outside of your role as a mum.
  • You want to reclaim your old strengths, figure out your new ones and start feeling more in control of the areas in your life that you’re not happy with.

Hello, Mama.

I’ve been waiting to meet you. I’m Jacqueline Kelly from Our Brave Hearts and I’ve been working with mothers who feel like they’ve lost sight of who they really are since 2018. I believe every mum deserves to live a life free from the burdens of guilt, shame, and inadequacy that seem to go hand in hand with motherhood.

​Since the birth of my son in 2013 (and then my daughter in 2015), I have been in the trenches with all the other mums out there. This motherhood shit ain’t easy, it’s taking everything I’ve got and then some.

The ideas you have as to what motherhood ‘should’ be like and what type of things a ‘good’ mother does can be very destructive. Constantly comparing ourselves to this fantasy version of motherhood that is portrayed on T.V, in magazines and online leaves us feeling inadequate, not good enough. 

There is no need for this to continue, I promise you. Before you decide to keep your head down and carry on as you are, let’s talk. Allow me the opportunity to reassure you that you are not alone and that things can change for the better. 

Working Together

If you’re curious about working with me, this is what it’ll look like: I will hold a safe space for you to explore who you have become at this stage of your motherhood and support you as you clarify what’s contributing to why you’re feeling lost and stuck.

Working with me is not always comfortable, true change never is. But it can be life-changing and you will feel the freedom that comes with realising how wonderful it can feel to begin taking appropriate responsibility for your life and your happiness again. I’ll walk with you through the whole journey as you start exploring and enjoying who you are again, enjoying the happiness that is yours for the taking.

By the time we’re finished, you will see yourself and your life from such a different perspective. Gratitude and joy will be back in your life. You’ll remember just how capable you are. You’ll feel excited to live your life to the fullest and create a new vision of your future.

Our coaching relationship is a partnership, it is something we both wholeheartedly commit to in order to get you the results you deserve. I am all in and I need you to be too. I will challenge and support you as we work through and dissolve the beliefs you have that are holding you back. You will learn ways to dissolve your guilt and tackle your fears that you can refer back to time and time again.

In doing so, you will be free to enjoy and look forward to each new phase of this incredibly beautiful and challenging experience of motherhood.

You will become a master at recognising and challenging the stories you run in your mind as to why things are the way they are. This alone will have such a profound impact on how you show up in your life.




This is time for you so let’s jump straight into what you feel you guilty about! You’ll be amazed at how much of your ‘mum guilt’ you will be saying goodbye to after our powerful 60 minute session. Before we meet for our session, I’ll be sending you some questions to help you get specific about what it is you feel guilty about. The more specific you get, the sweeter the feeling when you realise you have nothing to feel guilty about.

I’ve helped hundreds of women identify and then get rid of their ‘mum guilt’. I can hep you do this too. My job is to help you understand why ‘mum guilt’ feels so real, then I teach you tools so that you don’t feel trapped by guilt again.

Once you proceed with payment, I’ll be in contact to organise when works best for you to speak with me. 




One month together (4 sessions).

This is a deeply supportive one-to-one coaching package where we delve deep into what you believe is keeping you in this place of feeling lost and stuck. 

Over the course of these 4 sessions, I will help you challenge the perceptions you have around motherhood and support you as you get to know yourself again. 

Between sessions, we will keep in contact via email and messaging service (Whatsapp or Voxer), Mon-Fri.  Being able to voice note one another keeps our connection strong whilst maintaining the momentum we achieve in our sessions. 

I will also be sharing my extensive resources with you and suggesting relevant readings and podcasts for you to enjoy. 


*can be paid in two installments at no extra cost.



Having worked with mothers for the last 5 years, I see the same challenges coming up time and time again. 

This is why I created my group programme, BRAVE. It was created to identify, challenge and dissolve the common struggles we all face in our motherhood experiences.

BRAVE has proven to be so life-changing for those who have taken part that I now offer it as a 1:1 for those mothers who wish to experience BRAVE but would rather do it privately. 

We meet weekly for eight weeks in total, each session lasting one hour. You will receive a recording of each call so you can review it and not miss a single thing from our conversation. Some mothers prefer not to have the calls recorded, this is entirely up to you and it may be something you’d like to discuss during our first call. 

BRAVE is different from the bespoke coaching package in that it is a defined programme that we work through, there is a SET structure to it. Each week we explore a different theme (see BRAVE for all the different themes we’ll explore) and each of the themes comes with it’s own printable workbook. 

We will also keep in touch Mon-Fri via a messenger service (Whatsapp or Voxer) to work through any questions,  challenges or reflections that come up between calls. 


*payment plan available at no extra cost. 

There are three main reasons for a discovery call:

  1. To get clear on what you hope to gain from the coaching experience.
  2. To determine whether I am the best person to support you
  3. To get a feel for each other and see if our connection feels right.

I’ll be here to meet you halfway.